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  • What’s the Difference Between Curated Content and Creating Your Own?

    Post 4/1/13

    Curating Content Vs Creating Your Own Content marketing is the creation and distribution of information for the purpose of acquiring customers, according to Studio One. It seeks to influence customers in a positive manner but does not actually make a sales pitch. Content marketing may use a variety of formats such as: Case studies Ebooks …

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  • Content Curation: Who Needs It and Why

    Post 8/25/15

    Content Curation: There’s content, content all around, but not a drop of useful information. That’s how it feels sometimes when you search the web only to find yourself drowning in pieces that seem to lack the statistics, facts, or perspective you need. Curated content may be the answer. As the amount of information online becomes …

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  • Looking into the Present and Future of Content Curation

    Post 1/30/13

    The Future of Content Curation Using curated content to boost website value is a concept that is just starting to make waves, but soon it will become a storm of importance in custom web design. Understanding what curation of content is and how it can help draw in visitors searching for answers is an essential …

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  • 4 Steps to Better Content Curation

    Post 4/9/14

    Superior curated content will bring you closer to being a thought leader, the “Go To” resource for fresh information. When you share topical content with key networks, you ‘ll also help your organization achieve marketing milestones. The scope of curated content covers gathered information surrounding specific subject matter. Unlike content marketing , better content curation …

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  • Feeding the Hunter-Gatherer: Why People Love Reading Curated Content

    Post 4/16/13

    Why People Love Reading Curated Content  A new trend is making many online marketers very happy: people love reading curated content. Blogging online has just become easier. Feeding the hunter-gatherer takes patience, awareness, and intuition. Put out the tidbits they love and yes, if you filter it, they will come. The use of curated content is important …

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  • Making Curated Content Personal

    Post 5/6/13

    Making Curated Content Personal If you have decided that making curated content personal is something to feature on your client’s website or your own website, it is important that you go on to this next step full force. Many freelance writing jobs online will ask for a design that includes curated content. This is a …

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  • How to Tell if Your Content Curation Efforts Are Working

    Post 8/26/13

    Content Curation  Many freelance writing jobs online require that you use curated content or create new content to use in curation efforts for a client. The client will want to see results, and that this means somewhere in the accountability chain, there must be a way to tell if your content creation efforts are working. …

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  • The Biggest Mistakes in Content Marketing and How to Avoid Them

    Post 7/8/13

    Mistakes in Content Marketing  Healthy relationships with coworkers, friends and family members require regular, two-way conversation. Successful content marketing also requires this type of communication to promote a business. This is a delicate balance, and many people with jobs in copywriting tend to repeat the same basic mistakes. Incessant Brand Promotion Some businesses actively promote their brand …

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  • Taking New Routes to Curated Content

    Post 5/22/13

    Taking New Routes to Curated Content  In digital lingo, curating is the process of finding content on a particular topic and compiling it in a single space. Good content curation makes it easy for readers to get an overview of the latest, most interesting news on a subject they want to know about. While many sites (from Brainpickings to …

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  • 4 Tips to Help You Find Inspiration for Compelling Web Content

    Post 4/4/13

    Tips for Compelling Web Content Compelling web content is similar to that of a gripping novel that you cannot put down; you eagerly turn each page, and can’t wait to find out how the story ends. Likewise, compelling web copy encourages the reader to remain on the page longer, perhaps read other content throughout your …

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